General Rules and Regulations

All letters Concerning children must be addressed to the Principal of the School.
All leave of absence must be communicated to the Principal in Writing. If a child is absent for more than three days on account of illness, a medical Certificate must accompany the leave application.
No Child will be permitted to leave the School premises during school, except for extreme emergency with the permission of the Principal.
Parents and Guardians are requested to notify the principal of any change in their home address or telephone number
Escort pass must be brought daily & to be shown by those Coming to Collect the Children. Under no Circumstances will the child be allowed to leave the School premises without Escort pass
Regular assignments are given to Children studying in Lower KG and above. If the child Consistently fails to produce the home assignments the parents/ guardians are requested to Kindly report the matter to the Principal
The child must not be sent to School with fever Or any other physical ailment even if there is a Class test
Punctuality is inculcated in the children at an early stage Parents’ Cooperation is thus very essential. However to make it convenient for the parents a grace period of 10 minutes is given, not more, both at the Commencement and closing
hours of the School
The School is Committed to the overall development of Mental, Physical, Moral and Spiritual upliftment of the Child Every effort Will be made to keep Up With the latest skills and trends of modern teaching. Parents and Teachers have to
Work together to achieve this target
Parents and guardians are expected to Observe proper decorum When bringing to Our notice any problem related to the School. On no account Will rudeness be tolerated. No matter should be discussed in groups Outside the School and no parents may reprimand Somebody else’s Ward. All matters Will be dealt with by the Principal.

The Principal shall be responsible to guide the academic and co-curricular activities of the School, Supervise, direct and allot duties to the teaching, non-teaching and service staff and shall have the authority to take disciplinary action including expelling a pupil on grounds of Serious misconduct and Other grave offenses or found unfit to Continue academically or on grounds of ill-health and report to the Board immediately,
The school reserves the right to remove the Child from the school failing any of the above requisites,