Celebrating 74th INDEPENDENCE DAY

Young Chef

Announcement for July 2020

Admission is open for class XI Commerce and Humanities
Contact the office.

Office is open on Tuesday and Friday due to pandemic

2020 Results

COVID19 Update

As we are all amidst uncertainty at the moment and the spread of COVID19 is spreading rapidly, which is a matter of concern for all of us, our school has started taking online classes since late March.It’s such a different experience from the traditional classroom environment. Why are online classes a great alternative to in person classes? With online class, the students can do all the work at their own pace, which means much less stress . Moreover students develop stronger self- discipline.The students can focus on what they are doing staying at their home comfort.No doubt staying at home children lack personal community and connection .They miss enjoying with their friends in school.In order to stay safe and stop spreading the virus , the children are home bound during this Pandemic . Education is an adjustment.

Induction Ceremony

Congratulatory letter for achieving Gold Slab under Fevicreate Program